The shift from overthinking to beast-mode execution happens with a fundamental understanding of motion vs. action, but let’s start by defining our terms.

What exactly is overthinking?

Overthinking is a mental habit where a person gets stuck in a loop of thinking, analyzing, and worrying about a particular issue, problem, or situation. It can range from minor concerns to severe obsessions that can take over a person’s life.

While thinking things through is important, overthinking can become problematic when it hinders productivity and success. Overthinking can cause a person to become paralyzed by indecision, leading to missed opportunities and wasted time. It can also create a sense of anxiety and stress, which can negatively affect a person’s mental health and wellbeing.

Three ways overthinking is undermining your productivity:

#1: Overthinking can cause analysis paralysis

First, it can lead to analysis paralysis, where you become so caught up in trying to find the “perfect” solution that you end up not making any progress at all. This can lead to missed opportunities, deadlines, and setbacks.

#2: Overthinking can cause unnecessary stress and anxiety

Second, overthinking can create unnecessary stress and anxiety, which can have negative effects on mental health and well-being. It can also make it difficult to focus on tasks and can lead to burnout and exhaustion.

#3: Overthinking can cause undermine confidence and self-esteem

Finally, overthinking can undermine confidence and self-esteem, as it can create a constant sense of self-doubt and second-guessing. This can make it difficult to take risks or make decisions, which can hold you back from achieving your goals.

What is beast mode execution?

In essence, “beast mode” is a state of mind where an individual is completely focused and committed to achieving a specific goal or objective, and is willing to push themselves to their physical and mental limits to get there. It’s about harnessing your inner strength and unleashing your full potential to achieve greatness.

The term “beast mode” can be traced back to former NFL player Marshawn Lynch, who used the phrase to describe his intense and physical running style. Since then, it has become a popular catchphrase in the world of sports and fitness, and is often used to describe athletes or individuals who display exceptional levels of effort, intensity, and perseverance.

Motion vs. action as explained by James Clear

I’ve mentioned in a previous article about Atomic Habits, the revolutionary book by James Clear. I honestly can’t sing enough praises for this book because the conversation surrounding habits has been so helpful to me in establishing new habits and also adjusting ones that no longer serve me. 

I highly recommend you check out his book if only to learn about the psychology of motion vs. action.

Overthinking – James Clear motion versus action

At the risk of sounding like a 90’s late-night infomercial, I’m going to walk through a couple of problem scenarios outlined by Mr. Clear, but I promise not to sell you anything at the end. Here we go:

Do you find yourself…

  • Soaking up inspiration for content you feel like you should create rather than actually creating the content and sharing it?
  • Searching for the perfect diet instead of choosing a healthy meal?
  • Going to the gym to ask about personal training as opposed to getting in a workout – or maybe a good walk?

Motion is no substitute for action

Do you see the pattern here? Motion (getting inspired, searching for the diet, interviewing a personal trainer) is good but is not a substitute alternative for action. Action is getting the result you’re ultimately going after. You don’t want to simply write an outline, you want a published work. You don’t just want to learn about the best diets, you want the foods you consume to align with your health goals. Motion is good for lots of things, but it can prevent progress if you let it. 

But wait. There’s more to this motion vs. action thing. 

My challenge to you

Is there something you want to take action on? How about we do it now? You understand the difference between motion and action. Now that you’re clear on that, I need you to take action on that dream inside of you today. Don’t be afraid. Just get to it. Go it alone. Go even if you’re afraid. Your future self will take you later.

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