Go for it: Inspiring advice from Van Jones on pursuing your dreams

Am I too late? Did I miss my moment? These haunting questions are familiar echoes in the minds of those who possess unfulfilled dreams. However, Van Jones, renowned television host and bestselling author, is living proof that it is never too late to pursue your aspirations. In his own words, he encourages you to “Go for it.”

Van Jones was at a crossroads

Fifteen years ago, Van Jones found himself at a crossroads as he approached the age of 40. Having years of tireless activism to his credit in the Bay Area, he had achieved impact in his sphere of influence but had yet to make waves on the national stage. It was during this pivotal moment in his life that his wife at the time, Jana, recognized his potential and urged him to attend a writing retreat to complete the manuscript for his first book.

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What happened when Van took the leap

Taking her advice, Jones attended the writing retreat. There, he completed his manuscript which went on to become his first bestseller. Little did he know that one courageous decision to invest in his dream would open doors to unimaginable opportunities, leading him to the Obama White House and encounters with influential figures such as Prince, Oprah, and Jay-Z.

“Since that spring, so much has happened — good and bad,” Jones reflected in an Instagram post. Uncertain of what the future holds, the CNN commentator remains steadfast in his belief that taking chances and following one’s dreams can lead to extraordinary possibilities.

Van’s courage to redefine

Jones’ story now stands as a guiding light for aspiring change-makers everywhere. His decision to attend that writing retreat mirrors the commitment required to relentlessly pursue our dreams. It serves as a reminder that life can take unpredictable turns, and embracing those moments can redefine our destinies.

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Do not allow your age – or any excuse – to serve as a barrier preventing you from achieving greatness. Take a moment to reflect on your dreams and embrace the wonder that lies within your potential. Dare to say “yes” to your dreams. With determination and courage, you can illuminate the world with your brilliance.

Remember, as Van Jones once said, “Go for it.”

Mark Patterson
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